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Reaching for the Stars

This program strives to offer scholarships to students in diverse fields, encompassing education, STEM, and the performing arts.

- REACH Scholarship (Education)
- Larry Wayne Freeland Scholarship (STEM)
- James S. Dorsey Jr. Scholarship (Performing Arts)

Rising Stars

The Rising Stars initiative is dedicated to granting young individuals access to and engagement in the performing arts.

- Dazzled Elite


Grow Healthy

The Grow Healthy initiative focuses on health and wellness, offering complimentary sports and health clinics along with workshops. Additionally, it features an annual breast cancer awareness campaign, known as "Sharing Hope Breast Cancer Awareness" with the theme "Giving Cancer the Boot."

Grade A+ Growth

The Grade A+ Growth education initiative encompasses a comprehensive range of educational activities, including free tutoring, reading sessions, and academic preparation summer camps.


Festive Growth Givers

The Festive Growth Givers initiative is designed to contribute to our community, imparting the value of community service to our mentees. Noteworthy projects include "Growth on Wheels" and the "Thanksgiving Giveback."

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