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Asha Freeland


Asha Freeland is a native of Durham, North Carolina, and a recent honors graduate of the illustrious North Carolina Central University. In May 2020, Asha earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing; she is currently a Travel Nurse and a part-time Registered Nurse at UNC Hospital in heart and vascular services. 


Since a young age, Asha has had a passion for community outreach and service. She actively volunteers to assist local organizations with women's health awareness events and youth-focused activities. She is also an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc, initiated through the Alpha Lambda Chapter at NCCU.


Asha's interest in mentorship stemmed from early childhood experiences coupled with the continued support of her village. She recognizes that she did not get to this place in her life by herself and has a deep desire to give back. She is overjoyed to begin this journey to lift young girls in the community alongside her co-founder and life-long friend, Taylor Dorsey-Flowers.


Taylor Dorsey-Flowers


Taylor Dorsey-Flowers is a Health Educator, Community Advocate, and native of Durham, North Carolina. She graduated from Hampton University with a B.S. in Health Sciences with a concentration in community health promotion.  She also obtained her Masters of Science in Human Development and Family Consumer Sciences at North Carolina Central University.  


Taylor has a passion for serving her community and pouring into the lives of young girls. She has worked with children for over six years in a plethora of different capacities. Currently, Taylor is the Senior Youth Director for the Durham YMCAs

In addition to her passion for health education, Taylor also has a long-standing love and commitment to learning, performing, and teaching performing arts. She has performed with several dance companies in North Carolina including, Harambee Collective, African American Dance Ensemble, and Collage Dance Company, where she served as the dance captain for several years.
Taylor currently serves on the Board of Directors for Durham Regional Theatre, an organization that is intentionally multi-racial, multi-ethnic, and intergenerational theatre. She also serves as the Young Adult Volunteer Coordinator for Hope For Hair, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting women undergoing cancer treatment. Taylor's commitment to improving the lives of others is in-line with the African Philosophy, Ubuntu, "I am because we are."

Raven Reaves-Jackson

Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Raven Reaves-Jackson, a native of Hartford, Connecticut, is a seasoned multimedia journalist and digital marketer, boasting a B.A. in Journalism from Hampton University, with an area of emphasis in the School of Business. During her undergraduate tenure, Raven actively engaged in various extracurricular pursuits, notably as a member of esteemed organizations such as the National Association of Black Journalists, American Marketing Association, and Onyx 11 Community Service Committee. Additionally, she interned with the Homecoming Committee, demonstrating her multifaceted involvement in campus life.

Complementing her academic endeavors, Raven dedicated her free time to community service initiatives across the Hampton Roads region in Virginia. Her volunteer work spanned diverse organizations including the Boys & Girls Club of Newport News, Peninsula FoodBank, and Phoebus High School. Notably, she fondly recalls her impactful contribution to the Bloom Middle School Conference, where she brought comfort and joy to numerous young girls.

Raven's foray into the entertainment industry commenced during her college years as a college marketing representative for Sony Music. Concurrently, she pursued a spectrum of internships and extracurricular activities to hone her journalistic and marketing acumen. Noteworthy roles included web editor and contributing writer for The Hampton Script, promotions assistant for Entercom Norfolk, and social media intern for The BOSS Network, among others.

Presently, Raven serves as a Brand Marketing Specialist with iHeartPodcast and The Black Effect Podcast Networks. Recognized for her unwavering dedication and reliability, Raven epitomizes the ethos of hard work and genuine energy, firmly believing in the transformative power of diligence. She eagerly anticipates the remarkable journey ahead with the G.R.O.W.T.H team, poised to make a profound impact on the lives of young girls today and in the future.


Camryn Carnes

Community Outreach Coordinator

Camryn Carnes emerges as a dynamic force, driven by an unwavering commitment to community engagement and social empowerment. Her academic journey unfolded at Winston-Salem State University, culminating in the attainment of a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, with a specialized focus in Management.

At the heart of Camryn's ethos lies an abiding faith in the profound influence of the performing arts. Her affinity for dance blossomed under the tutelage of the Young and Free Spirit Dance Team, igniting a passion that propelled her into the esteemed ranks of the Collage Dance Company, where she graced the stage with her artistry for several years. Presently, Camryn's boundless talent finds expression through her captivating performances with the Harambee Collective and the African American Dance Ensemble.

Venturing beyond the confines of the dance studio and the allure of the stage, Camryn fervently dedicates herself to community enrichment initiatives, particularly focusing on youth development within the vibrant Triangle region. With a steadfast resolve, she champions the cause of building self-esteem, nurturing character, broadening horizons, and fortifying familial bonds among the younger generation. Camryn's unwavering dedication finds tangible expression through her impactful endeavors with GROWTH NC, where she aspires to leave an indelible legacy of positive change and enduring growth.

Ashlee Rowell-Williams

Education Program Director

Born and raised amidst the vibrant streets of Durham, North Carolina, I proudly introduce myself as Ashlee Rowell-Williams: a dedicated mother, cherished friend, esteemed educator, and visionary leader. My educational journey commenced within the esteemed corridors of the Durham Public School System, fostering my academic prowess and instilling in me a fervent desire to uplift young minds.

In 2012, I proudly walked the hallowed halls of Saint Augustine’s University, where I attained a degree in elementary education, laying the foundation for my illustrious career path. Fuelled by an unwavering passion for nurturing the growth and well-being of children, I embarked on my teaching odyssey with Durham Public Schools in 2013, etching my mark within the educational landscape.

My life philosophy echoes the timeless mantra: "Love them, then Lead them," a creed that has served as my guiding light in shaping young hearts and minds. This steadfast belief transcended the confines of the classroom, igniting within me a profound dedication to enriching the lives of children and families across the broader community.

Over the past decade, I have wholeheartedly devoted myself to the youth of Durham, spearheading the creation of safe, enriching programs tailored to meet the diverse educational needs and holistic well-being of every child under my care. My unwavering commitment to fostering a nurturing environment for the next generation underscores my unwavering dedication to the betterment of our beloved community.


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