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GROWTH NC presents James S. Dorsey Jr. Scholarship Fund

GROWTH NC presents the James S. Dorsey Jr. Scholarship Fund! This fund was established in the loving memory of James S. Dorsey Jr., a native of Durham, NC and student of the arts. It is our hope that this scholarship will encourage a student who has demonstrated outstanding abilities in the performing arts and broad based interest in the community.

Scholarship applications open June 3, 2023; see eligibility requirements below!

  • Must be a Performing Arts major currently enrolled in an accredited College or University with a 3.0+ GPA (must email a copy of transcript).

  • Must fill out the online application and submit a 250-word essay (email essay response to

  • Essay Question: How has participating in the performing arts contributed to your overall success. Discuss the impact it has on your academic and personal achievements.

  • The Deadline is: July 30, 2023

  • The Scholarship Amount: $500

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