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Unlocking Potential: G.R.O.W.T.H. NC Partners with Do Good Charity Initiative to Launch Mentorship Program

Here at G.R.O.W.T.H. NC, we are passionate about nurturing the potential of tomorrow's leaders. That's why we're excited to announce our latest endeavor: a collaborative mentorship program with the esteemed Do Good Charity Initiative. Together, we're embarking on a journey to empower and inspire students at Abule-Eko Community Junior Grammar School in Ijede, Ikorodu, Lagos State, setting the stage for a brighter future.

The program, which kicked off on Wednesday, March 13th, 2024, represents a pivotal moment for 50 carefully selected students between the ages of 8 and 14. Through our mentorship program, these young individuals will be introduced to the transformative power of a growth mindset. By fostering personal development and leadership skills, we aim to equip them with the tools they need to thrive in today's dynamic world.

As we embark on this transformative journey, G.R.O.W.T.H. NC remains dedicated to empowering every child with the opportunity to thrive and make a positive impact on their community. Through our partnership with Do Good Charity Initiative, we're taking a significant step towards building a brighter and more promising future for the youth of Abule-Eko Community Junior Grammar School.

Stay tuned for updates on our mentorship program and other initiatives by visiting our website at

If you have any questions or would like to get involved, feel free to reach out to us, at

Let's unlock potential together!

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