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Mother and Daughter Team Launch UK’s First Magazine for Black Girls During COVID-19 Lockdown

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Serlina Boyd wanted a magazine for her 6-year-old that celebrated her heritage.

By Lin Taylor

LONDON, Nov 12 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) — All Serlina Boyd wanted when Britain first went into lockdown this spring was a magazine that kept her 6-year-old daughter Faith entertained, away from digital screens, and above all, feeling good about her British-Jamaican heritage.

To her surprise, nothing fit the bill.

"It was really important for me that whatever I was putting in front of my daughter had some sort of representation because she wasn't liking what she looked like, her hair. She experienced some bullying in school," Boyd said.

"So when I went to buy some magazines to entertain her during lockdown, I was shocked to find that there wasn't anything. We just decided to do it ourselves," she added.

Now she runs a publishing company and has a book deal.

The kernel for the new Black business came when Boyd was forced to jettison plans to open a nursery after the first country-wide lockdown shut all childcare facilities and schools.

That left both mother and daughter with time on their hands so they used the unexpected lockdown to knock heads and create Cocoa Girl, Britain's first magazine for Black girls.

Things have since taken off. To read more click here.

Credit: Global Citizen

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